Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Sound of Silence

On Friday afternoon my husband and I brought our elderly toy poodle, Sam, to the vet to have him, "put to sleep..."  It was an incredibly difficult event and it affected me far more than I anticipated. 

Sam had been part of our household for many years and had been born with a bad back.  We watched him decline over the past six months and knew the inevitable was coming.  In fact we had cancelled two previous "appointments"  as I was not yet prepared to let him go.

It has been distressingly quiet in our home since he left.  You wouldn't think that a 10# poodle would make much noise... He did some barking, some growling, some sniffing, a lot of licking, occassional cat chasing, and his toenails clicked as he walked across the floor.  But these are not the noises I miss so deeply.

Sam was always a part of my quiet, my solitude, and my thoughtful spots...

I am missing the "sound" of his being, his breathing, his inertia...

The All of him that really had no "audible sound".....the part of him that whispered to me; comforted me.  The part of him that "shushed" my loneliness.  The part of him that told me to "get over it" when I felt anger or resentful.  The part of him that argued with me that I should rest with him when I was tired. 

I miss the quiet of Sam that spoke to my heart...

Silence is also speech. ~Proverb

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  1. Sam will always be part of you. However, that does little to quell the sadness and grief you feel now. Writing about your love for Sam is a wonderful tribute! Thanks for sharing.