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Business Card...

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Friday, May 6, 2011


This is a Wordle that depicts Education Concentration #3
Design Measures to Evaluate Learner and Curricular Outcomes

Thursday, May 5, 2011


It isn't pretty, but neither is my writing...

Education Outcome Number Four

"Analyze ethical, political, organizational, cultural, technological, and professional influences on educational systems"

Portfolio Reflection Excerpt...

"As I review my artifact, it almost seems too simplistic; one dimensional. Critical thinking is not a concept that can be understood in one assignment, one class, or from any one individual theoretical framework. I believe that at the time I completed this artifact, I successfully identified the parts that comprised the whole as best I understood it at that time; but, today as I reflect, I see the complexity of the whole and the lines that separate the parts (theory, knowledge, practice, and worldview) are blurred and difficult to articulate.

I am groping for words to express myself as I reflect upon this artifact. It is like staring at a ball of string knowing that in describing it, I will unravel it, and it will no longer be a ball; it will just be a pile of string and I will have ruined it...So in a very superficial manner, I am simply going to pick “fuzz” off this ball of string hoping that what I offer fulfills the course requirements.

This artifact is a simplistic representation examining how the educational trend of critical thinking has been influenced by, “the four levers of change”: Sociopolitical/cultural, technology, healthcare trends and issues, and educational thought.

Briefly & humbly, I offer you my “fuzz”:"

After this the paper is really not worth reading...

15 days and counting,