Sunday, March 13, 2011


On March 17th I will be celebrating my first year as a "Blogger".

Blogging has really been rather therapeutic for me.
I've discovered a lot of things about myself.
It has been a journey...

(a meandering, back-tracking, one-step forward/two-steps back, crawl, run, fly, fall down/get up, fast, slow, lead/follow, stop, look and finally LISTEN kind of trip)

So I thank each of you for listening to me as I have a tendancy to periodically rant, rave, and make a few inappropriate or downright stupid comments!

In celebration of my first year I am doing a GIVE AWAY!

It will be, "A few of my favorite things" give away.
Just like Oprah!
(not really)

If you would like to be eligible for the drawing you will need to make a comment and just state your name and provide your e-mail address.  It is that simple and virtually painless...

Good luck!



  1. It's me, Heather! HI!

    can I play?

    I'm glad you're here!