Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Saw Angels!!!!

I have had this blog post pinging around in my head for over a month now and it has been difficult getting it down on paper.  I’m not really sure why but everything that I write lately seems like meaningless dribble.  I am definitely in a funk.  The Christmas spirit is evading me and I am way too tired to chase it down.  

So in my attempt to ignore Christmas 2010, my mind wandered back to thoughts of “Christmas Past”—probably circa 1968…Though it was over 40 years ago I can clearly see the triangle shaped church sanctuary.  And if I gaze into this memory long enough I am pleasantly carried to that place. Suddenly I am four years old.  I am wearing saggy white tights. I am sitting in a wooden church pew…with other kids just my same size. 

See that is me! 

Waaaaaay at the end
of the pew...

This is probably the earliest recollection I have of Christmas.  As far as memories go, my thoughts are gentle, polite, grateful…and yes, “precious”.  It is a good memory—a gift to this unsettled present. 

This is the first Church Sunday School Program that I remember. There were songs, poems and Scripture. Brown paper bags with peanuts, apples, and candy. Pleased parents…. and one crabby Sunday school teacher (I’ll explain later). But last, but not least, I remember the Nativity play that the older kids re-enacted. I was enthralled, enraptured, enamored and any other ‘en’ word you want to enlist…envision…or even “en”vent! (Sorry, I get carried away)

Forget the Sunday morning flannel board—Mary, Joseph and Jesus were alive and boy was I psyched! I had been transported to Bethlehem. I sat transfixed—the reality of Luke Chapter Two had entered my life…

I am not sure what happened that night. My heart left my chest and hung suspended in that Spirit place ‘tween Zion and earth. My soul sensed Heaven …and I longingly remembered my Home before home.

I saw Mary and Joseph—and an angel. I saw Baby Jesus—and an angel. I saw the manger—and an angel. I saw The Three Wise men. I saw three angels. I saw the Shepherds. I saw the angels. I saw sheep. I saw angels. I saw camels. I saw angels. I saw the star. I saw angels. I saw Gold. I saw angels. I saw Frankincense. I saw angels. I saw Myrrh. I saw angels. I saw straw. I saw angels. Oh, I saw angels…my long, lost best buddies from way up on High!

So I crept, crawled, pushed and then shoved. Over knees, butts and elbows I wiggled and squeezed. Determined I crept despite my classmate’s displeasure. I knew it was wrong; I should stay in my seat. But the promise of the gold tinsel halo lay ahead at her [crabby SS Lady] feet. I followed my heart and timidly tugged at her dress…

Ever so softly, I whispered my plea, “Dear Sunday School Lady, I want to play with the angels” “Can I be an angel too?—oh, please, oh please, please?”

“NO!!!!! Get back to your seat!

And that was that…until 40 some years later...

I found a white sheet and a wee bit of tinsel.......

In fact I have collected a whole medley of scruffy tinsel wearing peeps who probably won't make sainthood...but I love them none the less...

Good news from heaven the angels bring,
Glad tidings to the earth they sing.
To us this day a child is given,
To crown us with the joy of heaven 
Martin Luther


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