Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have been sitting in front of my computer today composing.  I finished my journal for NURS775,  finished my "Evaluation of Internship Experience" paper and attempted to finish my "Philosophy of Christian Nursing Leadership" paper.  I didn't get the philosophy paper done because I am brain dead, sick of writing school crap and am feeling anxious, irritable, crabby and worn-out; subsequently, I do not feel very Christain at the moment and with that said I am therefore UNQUALIFIED to write the paper to begin with.

I'm not really sure that "Christian" is suppose to be a feeling... I sometimes think that I am confused about the term ."Christian". Period.  No matter what the context. 

All I know is that, "I like the whole God/Jesus/Holy Spirit trinity deal and I think that the trinity package likes me".  And in my estimation,  "like" carries a whole lot more weight than "love".  I mean "love" seems more of an obligation where, "like" is a choice...

I like choice. 

A good example of this principle is found in my marriage to my amazingly likable husband.  For approximately 19.5 years I "loved" my husband...but I didn't "like" him, and honestly life was not much fun...  Currently, I "like" my husband and life is so much better.  I'll trade you "like" over "love" anyday.  If you disagree with my theory that's okay, I don't have to love OR like you... 

I think I'm rambling...but, I just wanted to say something that was not theory, researched based or requiring APA format...

I think that I am done now.


  1. You're "done now"? ok, my turn...

    Having 'faith' has nothing to do with 'feelings'.

    The term "christian" was given to the followers of Jesus by the non-believers. The believers didn't refer to themselves as "christians". It is impossible to identify a "christian".

    'Like' is not a choice. It is what comes natural. 'Love' is a choice. I would rather know that someone loves me rather than just like me because 'love' is what will guarantee their devotion. We 'like' something one day, and maybe tomorrow we will not like it.

    God chooses to 'love' us because he simply chooses to...and our relationship with him has nothing to do with whether he 'likes' us or not.

    There is no obligation with 'Love'.

    If relationships were dependent on 'liking' would never last.

    ..carry on

  2. Mr. Blase, I am so grateful for your attention. Seriously, it is troublesome not to have an audience.

    I hold no disagreement with your lesson about non-believers providing the moniker "Christian" and I believe that most of them probably spat on the ground or threw a rock as they said it... I find myself that I really don't like the term, but I don't know what else to call myself at the moment...

    However, I do believe that you can identify followers of Christ...not at first glance, but always in time and usually within the context of a relationship.

    Faith has everything to do with what and who I am...even the feeling part of me. The difference being that my feelings may betray me, but it is my faith that will sustain me. Faith and feelings don't always play nice together, but for me there is a very real connection.

    The whole like and love just really doesn't matter a whole lot to me...this is just how it has seemed for me in the life that I have lived so far. Religion/God was always a "have to" and I was taught to "love God" in Sunday school even when no 'love feeling' accompanied the love words...same with marriage...Thou shalt love...just felt like lust...'love' came in the form of 'like' 19.5 years is simply as it is for me.

    That is the beauty of this blog deal I guess.

    Perhaps you think me an idiot...I sense that in your replys to me...but, hey, there is a certain beauty in that too...

  3. I get it, Annette. Sure, God IS love and He loves us. Sure, I love the man I married. But most people make it hard to like them all the time.

    I always am crazy in love with my kids, at a deep heart level...but some phases and stages, it's really hard to like them. That's why I think it's so great that God does both love and like us and it IS pretty mind-blowing that He would LIKE us. He does. I think He digs us, which is cool.


  4. actually Heather...the bible never indicates that he "likes" us. There are two things that we do that 'please' God.

    1. having Faith
    2. being Thankful

    @Annette: My daughter's middle name is Annette, and it was my late sister's, too.

    It is impossible to identify a "christian" because "Christ" is not here to follow. You can be obedient, but you can't "follow". "Walking with God"..."Asking Jesus in your heart"...and many other terms are simply evidence of how ignorant most religious folks are.

    You must decide on what "christian" means to you when you describe yourself or refer to others. Anyway, "time" will not prove someone to be false or bona fide. Only God knows who is what. We're not smart enough to determine who is a "christian", or not.

    p.s. I don't think you to be an "idiot", but I do think you need me...

  5. Blase,
    There are a lot of things I agree with, that you say. I respect your thoughts and identify with them. And I still think God likes me. The Bible does not say "God likes you." But I think He lets us know through the stories there that He does. Through Jesus mostly. I love how Jesus obviously LIKED John the Baptist, as an example. Most people like their best friends.

    I don't really want to bud in on what you said to Annette, but then again, I do. Because she's my friend and I both like and love her (ha)

    It's hard to swallow, what you said about her needing you. It sounds quite presumptuous and a bit pompous actually. Like you're saying you have all the answers and can play the role of correcting her. Annette does not need your correction. Firstly, you may misunderstand a lot of her banterings here, that's something that just happens with blogging. And you may jump to your own conclusions because of your experiences and those things are then put on her words when she doesn't even mean what you're disagreeing with. She's a wise and thoughtful woman with an excellent quirky sense of humor. She does call her self Christian for lack of a better word and she does understand that we can't name faith, that it is all bigger than any one of our understandings. That it cannot be stripped down and put in a box. I wish you could see her library. You would know what a thinker she is. One who learns not from "religion" but from humble seekers of truth and light, believers in God, intelligent people.

    Annette has just started out on this blogging journey and I would think she might feel quite defeated by constant rebuttles to her stories and banter. She should be respected for believing what she believes and sharing her thoughts in her very own space. I'm just saying, let's be a little careful with the pride.

    End of defense.

  6. Dear Heather,

    I wish I could have said it like that...
    I like/love you too...

  7. @Heather:
    Actually, pride is when you are corrected and instead of being thankful, you pout and get your feelings hurt.

    It's obvious that Annette is a "thinker"...but she needs to think a lil' more. And, she really doesn't know what she believes, that's why I'm guiding her along the way. Most "christians" are very ignorant of the 'book' they claim to believe in. It's sad.

    "A wise person will heed wisdom and instruction"..."a fool will argue and there is no hope".

    I like Annette...but I don't think I like you anymore. But that's ok, at least Jesus likes you.

  8. And another thing..

    Why am I the only one participating on this wonderful blog???

  9. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around why Blase feels it's his job to instruct you with his wisdom. Pride comes in many forms.

    But I love that you make my point, sir. That when a person does something you don't like (disagrees with you or suggests you come across as prideful) you immediately dislike the person. Human nature, I suppose.

    Anyway. This will be the last time I respond to you because this is Annette's space and to be honest, I feel comfortable enough in my own skin (and with exactly who Annette is and what she believes-you see, I respect her and I don't put her in a box with my pre-conceived ideas of what I think she is) to have no desire to do that...I remain unaffected by you. So yeah, this is the last thing I need to be doing with my time.