Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Can't wait for 2012...

Ahhhhhh...At Last!...Election Day!
The Drama. Will. Soon. Be. Over.

It is Tuesday morning.
I have not yet voted.
But I will.

 I am still undecided on some of the candidates.

You would think after they (the politicians and their respective parties) spent millions on ads/ mailings/media/ meant to "educate" me (the voter) and give me (the voter) the information needed to make an informed choice that I (the voter) would have all that I need to confidently walk into the township hall and drop my ballot in the bucket...

Millions of dollars have failed me (the voter).
I found no benefit in any of it.

The candidates have put so much effort into pointing out their opponents shortcomings they have neglected to hammer home what they represent.

I find that I am confused about where the candidates stand on the important issues facing our state and nation.

I am having difficulty deciding which candidate will not take a hammer or chisel to our Nation's Christian Foundation.

I have formed no affinity toward any candidate or political party. 

I really do not even want to vote.
But I will.

The verbal bloodshed has been particularly ugly this election...

And I have decided that I will caste my vote based upon one simple issue that is important to me:



"Which candidate BASHED their opponent less?"
That is the question I will attempt to answer today.

It is gonna be a hard...

The Simple Suffragist

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  1. I stopped playing the Voting Game/Ploy.

    If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, The Candidates.....they're all crooked.

    We were founded as a "christian nation" by word only. Murdering is a sin.

    So, do pray tell. How are you going to use the 'process of elimination' to find out who has "integrity". Good luck with that.

    "It's gonna be a hard..." Yeah, now tell me the one about the Three Bears...

    'Abba Father we adore thee'....etc. etc.