Sunday, September 26, 2010

she crossed the line

Dear Rosebud,
Do you remember the spot
where  pavement met cement?

It was the line you always insisted upon crossing!

off you would go...into the street meant for cars...not for red trikes...

It is funny the things you remember from childhood...
For instance...

I do not remember Grandma yelling
I do not remember Grandma running

I would guess that you exasperated her to no end!

Yet, I never remember her blowing a gasket
(or even the hint of a leak)

I believe she was a woman of few words, patience and deliberate action efficiency was her MO

I remember it clearly...the connection secure...

The Rosebud
The Trike
The Garage door handle...

Yes, naughty you were
But, ingenious she was...

The End

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