Saturday, September 18, 2010


On that evening the car sat in the driveway under the yard light.  The weather was coolish and it was dark outside. 

The family (the Dad, the Mom, the Rosebud & myself) was on its way to a destination (I'm not sure where) that required the use of the auto...

Let me share just a smidge of history before I go any further with my story.  The Rosebud, approximately age four, consistently demonstrated mischevious behavior.  She was giggly, fun, chatty & fast... A bright eyed and determined lass, alway the first to SCOOT to the car, DIVE into the drivers door, SHIMMY across the bench seat and SLAM her little fist onto the door lock.  Effectively locking the Mom out of the car.  Oh, she would laugh...(the Rosebud NOT the Mom).  It was such great, great fun!  And she did this over, over, over & over again... 

Back to the story... The final episode of Rosbud's last 'Dive, Shimmy, Slam'...

So here is how it went down.  The Rosebud DOVE into the driver's side door, SHIMMIED across the seat and was about to SLAM her little fist...when the passenger side door flew open.  The momentum of her "diveshimmy" carried her out & through...landing at the Mom's feet.  Her eye's wide ~ crying tears.  Her mouth wide ~ spitting gravel.

 As she cried & spit she acquired a new nickname: 
"Speedy the Gravel Eater". 

I believe the Rosebud realized at that very moment that speed and gravel do not mix...and her troubled ways were mended...(at least temporarily)

 The End

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