Thursday, September 9, 2010

rosebuds & lemons

There once was a young girl named Clodhopper who lived under the great Cottonwood tree with her little sister.  Her name?  It was Rosebud

They were a fine set of siblings.  The one large, soft and shy--the other small, giggly with mischief in the eye.

They slept in the same bed--one now displays a  distinct divot on the tip of her chinny-chin-chin. 

A battle wound.  Sheet wrestling.  I know I WOULD definitely still win.

They dined at the same table.  Partook of what fed. 

They were sneaky.  The promise of sweetness, always lie straight ahead!

They stole from the kitchen. 

Crept slowly. Then ran.

Climbed high and then higher.

Found the dessert (de-zert) heaven.

In a green leafy green tree sky.

There they feasted on lemon. 

Slicked small sticky fingers & smacked sugar sweet lips.

It was there in that heaven--they fought, laughed, talked, screamed and fought just a bit more.

In that tree sky, one sister squatted.

Bared her youth bottom.

The other?  She just nodded...

"Look-out below! Heads-up it's raining!"

And we smiled.  Knowing it was wrong.
And we smiled.  Knowing it was naughty.
And we smiled.  Knowing we will always and forever...
Love green trees & sunshine and the flavor of lemon.

This is story #1 of a series called, The Adventures of Clodhopper & Rosebud

Caryn,  you may want to reconsider your request... 

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