Wednesday, September 29, 2010

games we played

Remember some of the 'games' we use to play? 

As a kid, I always thought that I really liked this know...the one where YOU always cried "Uncle!"

However, as an adult, I believe I have changed my mind...

The game involved pretending that something didn't hurt when in reality it really, really did.

And over the years I became really, really good at that game.

I was really good at the "Uncle" game. 
Deny pain.  Show no fear.  Hold back the tears.  Stand firm.  Do not wince (not even a little).  And NEVER let the word "uncle" escape from your lips!

I was also really good at the game because I could pack a solid & effective whallop in return. (of all things to be proud of...) 

I have learned the hard way that surrender (admitting, submitting, committing) is a necessary part of my (sane) life.  The journey to this realization was long & hard (and filled with stupidity)

Rosebud, you were far better and quicker than I at crying out, "uncle" and I believe you are a far better person because of it. 

 The exact origin of "say uncle" or "cry uncle," an American invention first appearing in written English around 1918, is unclear, but there are, as usual, some interesting theories. One theory posits that "uncle" is actually a mangled form of the Irish word "anacol," meaning "protection" or "safety," making a demand from an aggressor to "cry uncle" is really a  "cry for help"  a signal of surrender.  An admission of helplessness and a plea for mercy.

So here goes peeps...
I'm gonna say it...
Are you listening?


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