Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rest assured...

This is a picture of my lovely daughter (the one wearing the signage) and the equally lovely, Hannah (no signage--just big beautiful brown eyes).

Rest assured she is wearing a bathing suit under the signage (at least that is what she tells me).

It is now just a short ten days until her departure to college and I am already feeling lonely. We have had a superb summer. I have learned so much about her and surprisingly at the same time a lot about myself. She inspires me to be a better me and for that I am so very grateful.

Oh, we have had a few disagreements this summer, but at this very moment I can't tell you what they entailed. (Most likely the momma maid was upset about the long hours, poor tips and lack of appreciation) (...but she usually gets over it quickly...)
However, what I can tell you is that we have had genuine, heartfelt conversations about things that are important to us:
God, faith, religion, church, weddings, brides maids, flowers, pee-oh-knee, pee-a-knee, (peony), Dads, brothers, friends, alcohol, work, school, science, health, beauty, packages, exercise, alternative medicine, family, likes, dis-likes, books, boys (A boy), The Food Network, FaceBook, blogging, tri-athalons, pooping (there is a story here--we don't just randomly pick "poop" as the topic of the day), hair-color, finances, money, debt, happiness, sadness, depression, sunshine, the past, the present, the future, our fears, our hopes, our plans, our dreams, good food, having a momma who is an alcoholic and of course being a momma who is an alcoholic... ((sigh))

It has been pure bliss...which is significant as I am not a fan of random verbal banter. It has been a special kind of wonderful...a Heaven on Earth.

Speaking of Heaven....Kendra (the daughter) was talking to me (the momma) about what some of the differences between our earthly and heavenly bodies might be. Kendra would like wings, while I do not necessarily care for our conversation continued she got a rather contemplative look on her face and announced, "I just don't want to be naked in Heaven"... And upon that point we agreed.

It is time to end this. But before I go I just want to tell my

Dear, Precious, Daughter,

Rest Assured...

"What is said on the walk.

Stays on the walk".
I love you!
The Momma

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