Thursday, August 19, 2010

Five A Day

"I'm the kind of person that feels a heavy ache over disorder. The state of my home is the state of my head and heart and I've been thrown off, tired, in a funk. " Heather

Every once in a while I feel overwhelmed by my surroundings and I get this tremendous urge to unclutter my environment. It seems that I can't concentrate when my home is a mess. It is like there is some weird equation, analog or natural law at work (i.e. 1+1=2, this is to this as that is to that, or 'The force of gravity equals the gravitational constant times the mass of the satellite times the mass of the earth divided by the square of the distance ...') (sorry, I'm rambling)

I am not sure that I can write a nice, neat equation about the relationship between my brain and my home, but I know it involves something that I would coin, "the serenity factor" and an 'if-then' hypothesis or implication:

If household clutter and chaos are high, then mental clarity and serenity are crappy.

If household clutter and chaos are low, then mental clarity and serenity are better.

If household clutter and chaos are absent, then mental clarity and serenity are...even better.

I am often very jealous of people that can function in any environment. Me? Not so much...I have been this way for most of my adult life. Sometimes the sheer magnitude of what I think I need to do overwhelms me and I do nothing...

If Annette ignores the house and does nothing, then the house is messy, serenity is absent and mental clarity scores a 'zero'

So in order to avoid this situation, I started my own "Five a Day" campaign. Where on any particular day I say to myself... "Today I will rearrange, throw or give away FIVE items" and I will do this everyday for a set length of time or until the clutter feels manageable.

Today was the first day of "Five a Day"...and I was psyched!

It started out great...

Item #1:Old crappy polyester sweatpants

Item #2: Old, yucky curtain.

Then I made the mistake of going to my

16 year old son's room...

Item #3: Bag of clothing that no longer fits

Item #4: Bag of dirty (stinky) laundry

Item#5: Bag of (extreme stinky) garbage

This is not how the "Five a Day" campaign is suppose to is suppose to be easy, simple and produce mental calm and spiritual serenity.

My thoughts today have been anything but serene and as for the boy...he is so lucky that I think he is cute and that I am glad that he is mine, because I had a few (more than five) not so motherly thoughts run through my head...

So, signing off....wish me luck for my next "Five A Day" Day

Note to self: Stay out of Kendra's room.

The End~

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