Tuesday, July 27, 2010

swell, great and pedal--she can do it all...

I have had this celebration in my head for much, much too long and it is time for it to come out. You see I am the Church Organist Daughter (CoD) and the REAL church organist had her 50th anniversary of playing the organ for the CRC church this past June 6th 2010.

Don't get me wrong--we had a nice little cake & coffee thingy at church, but the church organist would NOT let us really whoop it up and celebrate OUTLOUD!!!! So...it was quiet and reserved and I did not get to say what I wanted to say...I mean the cake was great and all (especially the frosting) but I wanted it to be so much more. So I am going to insist upon having the party here at my blog site. Here goes!
r u ready 4 this? (Mom--click here)

Oops, sorry. I got carried away there...forgot...I'm not suppose to dance! But really Mom, it was a "danceworthy" event. And this is what I wanted to say...

Dear Mom,

"...thank-you, thank-you, thank-you..."

From the bottom of my soggy heart to the tip-top of my nutty

I say it again...thank-you.

Thank-you for the
example of humble, faithful service.

Micah 6:8 (Mom, click here)

Thank-you for the gift of music. I truly
believe that music is one of the
tools God has consistently used to get my
attention. It bypasses the mind and
heads straight for the heart. Music
soothes my spirit and is probably the only
successfully earthly means of
shutting out my selfish voice...

Thank-you for all of the preludes,
offertories and postludes,

for each flute, cello, cornet and chord,

for each tuplet, glissandro, mezo forte, pianissimo, crescendo, sFz, pizzacato, staccato, fermata, octave,
trill, whole note, half-note and for
all those difficult hymns with more than 4
sharps or flats in them...

and I am getting breathless just trying to keep up
with all that I am grateful for...

Mom, I am proud of you and want you to know that I am am
glad that God gave me to you.
For He alone would know that my spiritual development
would require"pre-natal" worship lessons!

The fact that I am 45 and that you have been playing organ
for 50 years has not been lost upon me...

(imagine me...lifting lifting little fetal "Praise God Hands" and yup...I'm pretty sure I did a little fetal wiggle ((aka dance)) back in the day! (Mom, click here)

Love you Momma!


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  1. THis means the world to her. I just know it. Lovely and funnyt and good. Just like you.

    THis is Heather not logged in.