Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh, Happiness

I just wanted to take a moment and declare that this has been (and continues to be)...

A very "hApPy HaPpY dAy!"(a poem-my first poem)

Not sure what has made this day oodles better than best

But truly I tell you, I am feeling quite blessed!

Just want to acknowledge and thank Him Above,

For glimpses of Heaven & whispers of love.

So here is the low down,

The nit-gritty show down.

Happy Joy fills this space,

There ain't no frown on my face! :)

The End!

I recently heard this little ditty..."Change your thought, Change your day". Originally when people said things like this to me, it would really PMO. I thought "happiness" ought magically present its self to me.(gift wrapped & bow tied) Heaven forbid I need go looking for it!

So I challenge you!

If your day is unhappy or marginal at best,

Post 5 affirmations. Please don't fail at this test!

Hope you enjoyed this little experiment--

Special thanks to Dr. Theodore Seuss Geisel (I'd like to think that my poetry had a quaint Seussian quality about it...)

To those who know and love me, the following items have now been added to my Christmas list:

  • 'Cat In the Hat' Hat

  • 'Roaming Gnome' Happy Gun

  • 'Happy Day' Personalized License Plates

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