Tuesday, April 13, 2010

in my spare time

In my spare time I look for Whiskey plates... It’s my hobby...

(Noun): license plates given out by the state of Minnesota when you have multiple DUI's. They start with a "w" and suck in the most awful of ways, as it causes police to stop you more frequently to see if you are boozed up.

I am not sure how or why I acquired this hobby. But, I do find it entertaining, a good way to occupy my mind during a long boring drive or while searching for parking. My husband thought me nuts(er) one day when I asked him if we could cruise the IKEA parking ramp in search of cars with whiskey plates. But as with most things in my life, there probably is more to this strange past-time than meets the eye. I am thinking that maybe whiskey plates are a homing beacon of sorts guiding my search for other misguided yet kindred spirits. When I meet a vehicle with whiskey plates I have the strangest urge to wave or tip my hat in effort to acknowledge that I understand their humility and somehow encourage the driver in all their efforts to remain sober and safe.

Anyway, on to my story… About a month ago I almost had an accident. I was on an adventure searching for the elusive W-plate. In this altered state of mind I became a hazard to myself and to others. I was distracted. I had a camera phone. And I was on a low-speed chase.

This is what I found…

I thought to myself—“Oh, how cute. I love Volkswagens. When my Passat croaks, I’d like to get a Bug. I love that shade of green... I should look at the license—maybe it has a whiskey plate”... (Honestly, I hate to confess this, but I do really have thoughts such as these). So believe it or not I actually swung a U-turn to get a good look at its tail-end.
Although I did not find Whiskey Plates, I found something almost better…

The butt end of the cute green bug had this to say--

(‘I drive a Volkswagen…’)

(‘I am a Christian…’)

(‘Keep your distance…’)

The message on this car had me transfixed. I wanted so much to get a picture. So I drove with one hand, shifted with the other hand and tried to take a picture with my other hand…I am out of hands you say?
Well that’s where the endangering self and others comes into play…
The pursuit ended but my thoughts did not. I am sure that the message I received was not the message the owner of this car intended—at least I hope not. But it has made me think of a quote I once read,
“Some of the biggest barriers to Christ are Christians”.
(Author long forgotten—apologies to whomever I am plagiarizing)

And that my friends is all I have to say

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