Wednesday, March 24, 2010

roses & cherries

I love it when I find something unexpected--something forgotten or misplaced. This morning as I was cleaning my bedroom, I found a long lost book--The Furious Longing of God-- by Brennan Manning. I love this book and as I fondly skimmed through its pages I found a note that I had written inside the back cover. I don't recall writing the note but its words still felt as truth to my heart. It said-

I never thought that I would ever be grateful for the trouble, the addiction, the crap, the frustration of life...but I am; for it sends me to the Father. I am convinced that if my life were all roses and cherries, I'd plug along in miserable self-sufficiency because I would believe there was no need for Him. Thank you Lord for the good; but perhaps even more Lord thank you for the bad...

Disclaimer: I am in no way suggesting the God is the author of, "my bad" I simply believe that He has the power to work good from any choice, poor decision, aka "sin" that I may have committed. God is cool like that. Another disclaimer: I am by no means advocating that you go out and "sin" cuz God can deal with it...

This is getting way too complicated--it is probably best that I put a stop to this discussion for I fear that I am digging a hole
Take it for what it is worth. Remember--it is only opinion and you know what they say about opinions!


Annette~The CoD

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